About Us

Allcare Reptiles & Exotics Ltd was formed and incorporated in February 2013. We are a father and son business with a combination of having 40 years experience of keeping and breeding exotic animals. Exotics have been our hobby up to this year when we decided that we would like to turn our passion into a business. We care about our animals and want to be able to share our knowledge with others who have the same enthusiasm as we do for some of the most stunning creatures on earth.

Animal welfare has always been a big focus for us and we have built bespoke housing for all of our animal’s individual needs. We have a reptile house which is also shared with inverts of different descriptions, along with housing for parrots & parakeets and small mammals.

We have been able to generate habitats for our animals to flourish which has led to encourage many of our animals to successfully breed over the years.

We have strong views relating to welfare, housing and diet and would encourage people only to take on any of our animals if they have the time, money and space to give them the life they fully deserve.

We are donators of various wildlife charities, such as World Parrot Trust and supporters of the Federation of British Herpetologists.