Primates Policy

Primates in the UK Pet Trade

At Allcare Reptiles & Exotics we pride ourselves in being true animal enthusiasts. I personally support many wildlife organisations & charities and one in particular is Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre based in Wareham, Dorset.

I have a personal interest in primates and am a proud adopted parent to an Orang-Utan called Gordon, who was born at the park in 1997.

I have attended many charity events organised by Monkey World. Whilst Monkey World itself is not a charity they have set up the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund for primate conservation and welfare which is a UK Registered Charity No.1126939 and the Endangered Asian Species Trust UK Registered Charity No.1115350 which supports endangered primate rescue and rehabilitation in Asia. They need your help to continue the outstanding work they do. Why not visit their website to find out what you can do. Without our help their rescues and rehabilitation work would not be possible. Visit  or email

I have personally met Alison Cronin and have witnessed some of the suffering that Apes & Monkeys have endured during their time in captivity. What saddens me is that the UK pet trade has made a massive contribution to the rescues they have had to carry out where small monkeys such as marmosets, tamarin’s, squirrel monkeys and capuchin monkeys have been neglected, often to the point that when they arrive they have to be put down. They are often kept in small cages without companionship of their own kind, with the addition of receiving a poor diet. Many have bone disease disorders and poor social skills from being kept on their own. Marmosets especially require a specialist diet to maintain a healthy life and naturally live in small groups.

 Monkey World have been collecting signatures for a petition which is to be presented to the select committee in the House of Commons to better regulate the standard of care of primates kept in pet shops, or by breeders or as pets in private homes. This has to be the best way forward to reduce the suffering of these superb animals. Remember we are a nation of animal lovers, so what’s the problem. Lets do what’s right !!!!  I am proud to say that my signature is on the list.

As a pet shop license holder I feel a degree of responsibility in sending out this clear and simple message. Monkeys do not make good pets so for the average person considering buying one, think again. I am not opposed to monkeys in the UK pet trade but they should only be kept by knowledgeable people who can meet their dietary requirements. They need to have a good indoor and outdoor enclosure with heating indoors. They should always be kept in small groups. You will need time and plenty of money to care for them properly and as with any animal they deserve nothing less. To those who tick all the boxes in the right places you have nothing to fear. Endorse proper regulations, support Monkey World in their campaign and end the suffering.

Allcare Reptiles & Exotics Ltd has decided on a personal note that we will not be stocking primates for sale to the UK pet trade.