Parrots & Parakeets Policy


Parrots and parakeets make up some of the most stunning birds on the planet. I have always had a huge admiration for these birds and have kept and successfully breed various species over the last 25 years.
They populate every continent with the exception of Antarctica and are split into two groups, new world and old world parrots.
With the odd exception they are brightly coloured and live in pairs, gathering in flocks at certain times of the year, often in huge numbers depending on the species. Some like the Macaws will actually bond and pair for life.

They are opportunistic birds and in certain parts of the world some species such as cockatoos are considered pests, raiding crops for which they are persecuted.

They are incredibly intelligent and some have the ability to mimic leading to their popularity as pets. Instinctively hand reared birds often bond with an individual human and will have nothing to do with anyone else, in fact they can be aggressive with other people.

It is their intelligence and beauty that led to the downfall of some species, where back in the 70s & 80s they were trapped in huge numbers for the pet trade. These birds did not make good pets and suffered a life of misery. They were not suited to a life in a cage and many died at a young age. Some were lucky enough to be paired with their own kind in aviaries and successfully bred. It was these birds which produced the offspring for the generations of hand reared birds that we find today.

Some parrot species during the 70s & 80s declined so rapidly in numbers in the wild, due to loss of habitat and extensive trapping for the pet trade that it got to the point of them becoming critically endangered and in some cases extinct in the wild. Many countries made it illegal to trap birds and airlines around the world stopped transporting them. With the out break of bird flu Britain and other countries around the world banned all imports of wild caught birds and thankfully so. Whilst this has greatly reduced the numbers taken from the wild there is evidence that illegal trapping is still taking place and the commercial trade of wild caught birds still continues in some countries.

We need to protect wild populations of parrots, countries in Africa and Central, South America need to enforce the laws that they have signed up to and we need to find acceptable solutions to reduce habitat loss. If this is not done we will lose some species of these fantastic birds forever.

You can help by supporting organisations such as the World Parrot Trust who are committed to saving endangered parrots around the world.

At Allcare Reptiles & Exotics we will be supplying parrots & parakeets and we want people to enjoy these beautiful birds for what they are, but we are rigid about our policies. It is my personal view that no species of Parakeet should be kept in a cage and nor should they be kept on their own for long periods of time. These birds are adapted with their streamlined shape to fly. They are constantly on the move and their quality of life will be greatly increased if they are housed in an aviary and in pairs. Some would argue that hand reared conures and other South American Parakeet species and indeed Asian Species such as Ringneck Parakeets make good cage birds. Whilst they can become very tame it does not detract from the fact that they need plenty of exercise. This may seem controversial but as usual I am thinking more about what’s best for the birds then anything else. Therefore any parakeet species offered for sale at Allcare Reptiles & Exotics Ltd will only be sold as aviary birds. We will not be stocking any cages considered suitable for these type of birds but will stock everything you need from food to aviary accessories to meet their requirements.

At Allcare Reptiles & Exotics Ltd we would recommend that If you want to keep a cage bird then hand reared parrots are best suited for this type of environment but you should firstly consider and answer yes to the following questions before you do so –

Do you have time for a parrot? Parrots require and demand a lot of attention and if neglected will become aggressive, stressed and in some cases develop social disorders leading to feather plucking and in extreme case self mutilation. Remember you will become its companion and it will want to interact with you. They need to spend time out of their cage but should be supervised at all times during this period. Parrots are naturally destructive and will chew anything they can get hold of.

Do you have the commitment for a parrot? Parrots have a long lifespan, up to 75 years or more in some cases. Caring for a parrot is a life long responsibility.

Can you tolerate being bitten? Parrots are not domestic animals and may from time to time bite. This can be extremely painful and may sometimes require medical attention. Reduce the risk by regularly interacting with your bird.

Can you cope with noise? Parrots are extremely vocal, some more than others and you should be able to tolerate noise. You can not expect your bird to be quiet all the time. Remember this is their way of communication.

Can you cope with mess? Parrots are incredibly messy birds. They never stop eating throughout the day, discarding food all over the place. They always have a high waste level of food and will shred and destroy anything they can. Expect mess on the floor and shreds of fruit up the walls.

Do you have the budget? Parrots have a varied diet, as well as a good quality seed mix they will require fruit and vegetables daily. Like any animal your parrot will require veterinary care from time to time and proper vet care for birds can be expensive. You will also need to house your parrot. Providing a good size cage will set you back a tidy sum.
Are you in good health? Parrots can carry chlamydiosis ( psittacosis ) and avian tuberculosis. This can be transmitted from birds to humans. These diseases can cause serious illness for people with poor immune systems. Parrots also shed feather dust which may aggravate asthma sufferers.
Not put off by any of the above then congratulations you are a perfect candidate to become a parrot owner.

At Allcare Reptiles & Exotics Ltd we breed many of our own birds but in addition to this we have carefully selected breeders of parrots around the country. If we have not got want you want we can try to source it for you. All our parrots offered for sale are hand reared and have been handled regularly by different people to ensure they do not become too attached to any one person. They are all special birds with different personalities and we do not part with them easily. Please check out our stock pages for current availability. We will also be stocking cages for our hand reared parrots along with good quality seed mixes and all other accessories including parrot toys to keep your bird amused when you’re not around.

We sometimes have available breeding pairs of parrots or single birds which are only suitable for aviaries.