Buster the Gila Monster

Buster is a Gila Monster. They originate in North Americas south western states such as Arizona, California, Utah and the Sonora region of Mexico. Gila Monsters are one of two known species of venomous lizards and are listed as DWA (dangerous wild animal). The venom is as potent as that of a rattlesnake but they produce smaller amounts. Unlike venomous snakes the Gila Monster produces its venom in salivary glands in the lower jaw and is delivered through hollows in the teeth. Because of its prey which is generally small along with its love of eggs, it is thought that its venom evolved more for defence than for predatory reasons.
They are a sluggish moving animal and relatively inoffensive however they should be treated with the utmost respect. A bite from a Gila is extremely painful and whilst they do not kill people there is no anti venom so you have to ride out the pain.

Buster came to us as an unwanted animal from a small zoo in Kent. We consider ourselves very lucky to have him and to be considered knowledgeable enough to take on this species of animal. This is not a species that could be re-located anywhere and demonstrates the importance of the work we are doing in animal rescue.

By adopting Buster, you are supporting the work we are doing in animal rescue & rehabilitation with 100% of funds going into our sanctuary to help other animals in need of a home. To adopt Buster simply call, Facebook message or email us and we will do the rest.