Pandora the Reticulated Python

Pandora is a Reticulated Python. They originate from Indonesia and Southern Asia having one of the largest distributions of any snake species. The reason for this is their ability to swim long distances. This species has been spotted far out at sea and this has enabled it to colonise many of the countries in the region. This species holds the record for being the longest of all snake species with reports of some individuals reaching in excess of 30 feet. This is extremely rare and a good-sized animal is around 25 feet. They are very capable of killing people but it is rare as humans are not considered to be part of their diet. They are very common in the pet trade and unfortunately one of the species that often needs rescuing.
For most people this should not be a species of snake kept as a pet. They are all to often kept in too small a space and some individuals can be very aggressive. This species should only be kept by experienced snake keepers who can provide for it properly. As responsible suppliers of exotic animals we at Allcare have decided as a policy not to sell large python species.

Pandora came to us as an unwanted animal from a private individual. She has already attained a length of 12 feet and is a formidable animal. She also has the most pleasant nature except at feed time when she becomes the predator that she is. For safety purposes large retics should only be handled with at least two persons present. She currently lives in an 8 foot x 4 foot x 6 foot enclosure off site but we are planning a room sized enclosure with pool for her to live in at the sanctuary.

By adopting Pandora, you are supporting the work we are doing in animal rescue & rehabilitation with 100% of funds going into our sanctuary to help other animals in need of a home.
To adopt Pandora simply call, Facebook message or email us and we will do the rest.