We are here to look after all your animals dietary requirements…

We stock a wide range of live food and frozen foods as well as specialist diets and supplements. The live food is sourced from one of the country’s biggest suppliers and arrives with us the same day it’s packed.

Our live food is delivered on a Wednesday each week but in the event of us being sold out we can have a second delivery if need be. Our prices are very competitive at £2.75 a tub on any pre-pack item which is 15p cheaper than the RRP.

We stock a range of crickets from micro to small, standard, large & extra large and likewise with locusts from small to extra large. In addition to this we have mealworms, wax worms, roaches and fruit fly cultures. With such a large selection we can look after all your animal’s needs.

We carry a good selection of frozen foods from pinkie mice to extra large mice and rats of all sizes. In addition to this we also stock chicks. Larger items are available to order such as rabbits. If we know you want them we will get them in.

We also stock specialist diets such as tortoise foods and gecko diet such as Rapashy. With leading brands like Rapashy and Komodo all your specialist requirements are covered.

• Calci-worms
• Crickets
• Frozen Chicks
• Frozen Mice
• Frozen Rats
• Fruitfly
• Locusts
• Mealworms
• Specialist Foods
• Waxworms