Reggie the Reindeer

Reggie is a male or Bull Reindeer. They originate from the Artic Tundra and also the forests of Scandinavia.
Reggie was born on 2nd May 2018 in a private animal collection but was sadly abandoned at birth by his mother. We stepped in and became foster parents, and against all odds hand reared him. He is now a very handsome bull Reindeer and make no mistake, he is the boss of his herd. His state of the art living accommodation has cost in the region of £25,000 to set up and he was the founder animal at our sanctuary.
By adopting Reggie, you are supporting the work we are doing in animal rescue and rehabilitation with 100% funds going back into our sanctuary to help other animals in need of a home.
To adopt Reggie simply call, email or Facebook message us and we will do the rest.