Please allow us to introduce you to Reggie our Reindeer. Many of you already know Reggie and his story but for those who don’t, here is how he came to be with us.
Reggie was born on 2nd May 2018 in a private animal collection. Despite every effort he was sadly abandoned at birth by his mother and left to die. One of my staff members worked at the facility and gathered him up, so the hard work of becoming foster parents then began. Against all the odds we managed to hand rear him. We become so attached to him that we had to keep him so I purchased him from his owner.

Reggie is a very special animal and has dramatically changed my life forever.
He soon grew and as time went by he developed into an adult bull. Needless to say he was not an ideal animal to be living in a back garden, so the hard work of finding somewhere safe for him to live started until we eventually found a safe haven.
Reggie now lives in the tranquil setting of rural Hertfordshire. He has opened up a doorway for me to develop our Exotic Animal Sanctuary, a place where larger exotics that are unwanted or need rescuing can live peacefully.
The sanctuary is not currently open to the public, however through our adoption programme anyone who adopts Reggie will get a personal invitation to visit him in his new home.
We have purchased a female reindeer to keep Reggie company and will be expanding our reindeer herd in the foreseeable future. His state-of-the-art living accommodation has cost in the region of £25,000.00 to set up.

You can support the work we are doing by adopting one of our animals. All proceeds from animal adoptions will go towards rescuing other animals, setting up new enclosures and the animals general up keep and wellbeing.
For more information and pricing please visit our adoption page. Thank you in advance for your support.