Rocky the Sulpher Crested Cockatoo

Rocky is a Medium Sulphur Crested or Eleonora Cockatoo. They originate from provinces in Indonesia and are reasonably common in their native habitat.
Rocky came to us as a rescue in 2018. We know that he has had several homes and has been aggressive with previous owners and keepers, biting one on the face. He had been kept in isolation for long periods of time depriving him of the necessary interaction that he so desperately requires.
Rocky is one of the most complex and intelligent animals we have here at AllCare and after a period of assessment, it became clear that he had a deep rooted phycological problem, resulting in periods of screeching and erratic behaviour. He requires careful management and we continue to make steady progress with him.
Over a period of time I have developed a close relationship with him and he has become very trusting of me. He now responds to commands which makes him easier to deal with and we have daily close contact interactions which he enjoys immensely. He does not like anyone else being near me and his crest displays make that very clear.
Cockatoos need structure and routine combined with lots of patience. They do not make good pets for people with busy lives.
Rocky is a good talker and continues to pick up new words. He enjoys music and can often be seen dancing to a bit of Bob Marley! He is a real attention seeker.
By adopting Rocky, you are supporting the work we are doing in animal rescue and rehabilitation with 100% of funds going back into our sanctuary to help other animals in need of a home.
To adopt Rocky simply call or email us and we will do the rest.