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Corn Snake (pantherophis guttatus) - In Stock

Native to North America, the Corn Snake is a species of rat snake and can be found throughout the south eastern and central parts of the USA.
Their natural habitats are overgrown fields, forest openings and trees.
Corn Snakes feed on small rodents, birds, other reptiles and frogs.
Reaching an adult length of 4 to 6 feet, they can live in captivity for up to 23 years.
These snakes come in many different colour morphs, which make them a popular choice for the enthusiast.
The Corn Snake is an excellent starter snake, as their requirements are simple, they are very docile, easy to handle and are not generally fussy eaters.


Royal Python (python regius ) - In Stock

Native to West Africa, these Pythons are usually found in grassland and sparsely wooded areas.
They feed on small mammals and birds, but can be fussy feeders.
The Royal Python, also known as the Ball Python, is the smallest of the African Pythons. This, together with the fact that they rarely bite, makes it a very popular choice for snake enthusiasts.
This species is quite shy, coiling into a ball when threatened.
It is possible to find many colour morphs of the Royal Python.


Pueblan Milk Snake (lampropeltis triangulum) - Out of Stock

There are 25 different subspecies of milk snake which are found in north, central and south America.
Milk snakes grow anything up to six feet in length and can live between 15 and 20 years. They are a terrestrial, nocturnal species feeding on rodents, birds, amphibians and other reptiles including snakes. They are a member of the king snake family all of which are cannibalistic.
Milk snakes are quite active and inquisitive and have a docile temperament. They have a slight reputation for being nippy but generally if handled regularly they are calm and make a good introduction to snake keeping.