Titan the Papuan Python

Titan is a Papuan python. They originate from New Guinea feeding on mammal’s and other snakes. Titan was not a rescue; we purchased a pair and he is part of our in-house breeding programme.
This species of snake is rare in the reptile world and we are up for the challenge to try and breed this species. Papuans despite appearing aggressive, rarely bite. They are stunning animals and have an ability to change colour throughout the day. Unlike some other pythons they are not as heavily bodied but can attain lengths of 15 feet.

Titan sometimes appears in our animal encounter experiences. He is also part of our snake day event giving people an opportunity to get up close to a very rare species of snake.

By adopting Titan, you are supporting the work we are doing in animal rescue and rehabilitation with 100% of funds going into our sanctuary to help other animals in need of a home. To adopt Titan simply call, Faceook message or email us and we will do the rest.