Welcome to our shiny new website!

Well hello! Welcome to our shiny new website. We are all incredibly excited to present our on-line face to the world and hope you enjoy having a look around the site.


We still have some work to do, we are just finalising our stock list for equipment and housing and we’ll be adding the products which we can supply over the coming days and weeks.


However, we really wanted to be able to show our new customers the livestock we have in stock at the moment and you can have a look by clicking here. Of course, this is only a tiny selection of the animals we can supply. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have access to some of the rarest and most difficult to find animals in some of the most beautiful colour morphs on the planet. All our animals are sourced from trusted and responsible suppliers so you can be assured that your new pet or addition to your collection will arrive in tip-top condition and happy as Larry, this is non-negotiable to us.


Please do give us a call and arrange to come and see our new premises, we would be thrilled to show you around!