Green Anoles

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Green Anoles are small lizards that originate from the south eastern parts of the USA. The males usually grow to an adult length of 15cm whilst the females are around half the size. Although closely related to the iguana, Green Anoles are often referred to as the American Chameleon, due to their ability to change colour.

Anoles are territorial lizards and males will fight to the death. In order to attract a mate, the males bob their heads up and down, whilst displaying a pink flap of skin on their throats, called a du-lap. Although Green Anoles are easy to look after, they should be considered more of an ornamental lizard. Therefore, thought should be given to whether you want an animal you can handle or not.

Anoles should be provided with special UVB lighting and will need fairly high humidity. They are best kept in a group with one male and 4-5 females, depending on the size of the enclosure.